Our Planning Process

Our efforts are focused on high-touch financial planning and asset management for the Baby Boomer, the Transitioning Retiree and the Small Business Owner.  We will only take on clients with whom we have an interest, and with whom we believe we can build and maintain a sound partnership over time.  Our competitive edge must be the fusion of people, knowledge, communication and passion into an experience that is as rewarding emotionally as it is financially.  Our personalized services and strategies are customized to your individual financial needs and goals.  

Working together, we will follow a process that insures you're moving forward in pursuit of your goals, regardless of how close you are to retirement or how much planning it will take to get there.  

All information that you share with us is kept strictly confidential.  We are here to serve you in honorable and noble ways - with respecttrust and integrity.


We walk you through an in-depth discussion of your objectives, goals and concerns, as well as the experiences and decisions that influence your life. Having a clear understanding of who you are is paramount to not only crafting and executing solutions to address and fulfill your dreams, but also in determining if we are going to be the right advisor for you.


We inventory your current financial assets, liabilities and tax situation, as well as profile your financial behaviors.

Risk Analysis

We identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities inherent in your current Foundation.  As part of this process, we will not only consider which elements successfully support your Blueprint, we also test your Foundation against many of the financial storms you may face in life, while looking for inefficiencies that can free up capital.


We provide a concise overview of our analysis, while providing flexible and cohesive solutions to help make your Blueprint a reality.  We will expose potential risks and help you prioritize their degree of importance, as well as show you ways to eliminate your inefficiencies and make better use of your money.  We detail everything in a timeline of actions so you know where to begin and can keep track of the progress.


As with the execution of any construction project, effective planning is essential.  We work as needed with other trusted advisors, such as your CPA and attorney, and tackle the implementation process to bring your Blueprint to life.  We maintain open communication along each step so you never feel lost in the process.


Markets change, as do financial situations, goals and objectives.  Periodic meetings are necessary to review your situation and fine tune recommendations.


You've worked hard to make your Blueprint a reality.  When the time is right, we help to effectively communicate to your family members what you have done, what is important to you and why.  We feel there is great value and significance in passing the knowledge, dedication and importance of your financial decisions on to your loved ones.

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